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What is meant by the term “custom labelled bottled water”?
Custom labelled bottled water is an innovative promotional means of advertising your business, product, fundraiser, etc.   You create a unique and visually effective label, which is placed onto a 100% recyclable plastic bottle that has been bottled with the purest water available in Australia. You then promote your brand while offering your customers a terrific healthy product.

Our Water

How fresh is the water?
Our water is bottled fresh every time.  We place a shelf life of 2 years on our bottled water.

What water is used by PackMedia?
All our water originates from the best quality spring sources in Australia. It is stored and transported in stainless steel tanks before being UV sterilised and micro filtered to 0.2 micron filtration.

Is your water accredited?
YES, we are accredited with the following:
• HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
• BFA accredited (Biological Farmers of Australia)
• Members of ABWI (Australian Bottled Water Institute)
• SQF 2000, level 3 (Safe Quality Food 2000).

Not all contract bottlers in Australia are as highly accredited.

Our Production

What is the minimum order I can place?
Our minimum order is 1008 bottles or 42 cases of 600ml bottles.

Where is your bottling plant located?
Currently all our water is bottled in Victoria.  We are in the process of establishing bottling plants in NSW & QLD.

What type of bottle is used?
The highest quality PET plastic is used in the manufacturing of our bottles.  They are light weight, clear in colour with ribbed panels.

What bottle sizes do you offer?
Our main size is the 600ml bottle.  We can accommodate our clients with a variety of sizes depending on their needs.

What material is used for the labels?
Our labels are made from a Polypropylene (Poly Prop), which is 100% waterproof.  Unlike most paper laminate overlay labels, you can not only submerge our labels in water; you can leave them in water without any concern that damage may be caused.

Our labels are printed on a continuous unsupported film and in turn provide a full wrap around label.

How are the labels applied?
Our labels are applied through an automated process.  All the labels are provided on a core which slots into the bottling line.  This process of automation ensures a perfect end product every time.

What kinds of bottle top (caps) are used?
Our bottles come with a flat screw top cap, the standard colour is white.  However other colours are available.

Is there GST on bottled water?
No! Bottled water is GST- free.

Why do you have odd volumes for placing orders? Our volumes are set out in this particular manner because for example; our 600ml bottle comes in a carton of 24 and they are multiples of this number, which fit onto a pallet.  Please refer to our Configuration Chart which has a clear breakdown of our 600ml, 750ml and 1000ml bottles.

Our Designers

Do you have an In-house design team?
YES, we have an in-house graphic design team. We are able to provide clients with creative guidance and or the full label developement, depending on your needs.
Our design team prides itself on being innovative, cutting edge and designing a label our clients love.

Do you pay for art work reprints?
No!  The artwork development costs are a one off fee.  If you make changes to existing artwork, then a fee will apply.  However, all finalised artwork will be kept on file, so for any future re-prints you do not have to pay for artwork development.

We do not limit the length of time we store the artwork for either.

Can you accommodate rush-orders?
Yes,rush-orders can be placed if we already have approved artwork.  A rush-order charge applies if delivery needs to be within 10days.

Organisations looking for Water Sponsorship

PackMedia is closely aligned with many schools, clubs and non-profits who are looking for water bottle sponsorships for their events. If you are interested in obtaining water sponsorship CONTACT US at info@packmedia.com.au

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